Goh Zhong Ru

Goh Zhong Ru

Store Manager

My company and my job

My day-to-day tasks include business planning to ensure that the store achieves its targets, managing the sales floor operations and customer service to provide the best shopping experience, as well as looking after my team’s development to draw out each individual’s best potential.

How I got my job 

There were three stages to the interview process. The most interesting stage would have to be the two-day store internship where we were placed to work in-store to get first-hand experience.

We were given the opportunity to understand what it is like to serve customers and experience how the UNIQLO business and daily operations work. I believe that I set myself apart from others by displaying high aspirations, strong leadership and effective communication skills during the interview process.

The highs and lows

The most interesting part of my job would be seeing how my daily actions impact the sales of the store and our customers. The most challenging part would be learning to manage expectations from the company, while concurrently managing the development of my staff to ensure that they grow and continue to be highly motivated.

My happiest moment at work

My biggest and proudest achievement is being part of the team that opened the UNIQLO Orchard Central Global Flagship Store. It was a huge project for both the team and the company as it was the first and biggest store in the ASEAN region then. There was a lot of trial and error in the process, and I have truly learned a lot from the process, which included managing the store for the last two years with my team.

Training and support

During the first six months, I received intensive training on the basics of operations to build my foundation. Thereafter, whenever the Area Manager and Operations Manager visit the store, they provided additional guidance and training. It is important to strive to learn new skills to develop yourself with specific goals in mind.

Work-life balance

I am grateful to be able to experience work-life balance as I never have to bring work home. With help and support from the assistant store managers and supervisors, tasks are always handed over properly, thus I get to enjoy my time outside of work.

Some advice

Be self-driven and passionate about what you do, and be strong when times are tough!