Goh Siau Ling

Goh Siau Ling

Store Manager

My company and my job

I manage the daily operations and business development of the UNIQLO store at Parkway Parade. Some of my responsibilities include staff hiring and training, sales and inventory management, and profit management. To better understand the needs of customers and staff, I communicate with them on a daily basis. I also monitor the preferences of customers in my store to ensure that the store is conducive for their shopping experience.

How I got my job

I had to undergo three stages of interviews and tests – a screening test, a store internship and the final interview with UNIQLO Singapore’s CEO and COO. The store internship was very useful, allowing me to experience the actual working environment. The roles and responsibilities of a store manager was also shared, letting us understand more about our potential progression.

The highs and lows

My biggest motivation is working together with staff to achieve profit as a store. I believe that it is essential to strike a balance between satisfying customers and making sure my staff are happy at work.

With the boom of online retailers, one of the greatest challenges of the job would be finding ways to adapt to the tough competition and actively coming up with actionable measures.

My happiest moment at work

One of the most exciting projects was to open a new store back in 2014. I was given the opportunity to experience opening a brand new store from start to finish.

Another moment worth highlighting was when I was assigned to the Changi Airport store. It operates differently from other stores, and I was very excited to be able to help manage the store and learn about operations there. 

Training and support

Training is usually given by store managers and area managers in the store. I also received training opportunities in the UNIQLO Singapore headquarters and global headquarters in Japan.

These trainings include business planning and operational skills which are essential for me to apply in store. In addition, the area managers, who have a wealth of experience, are always very helpful and open to sharing their personal experiences.

Work-life balance

In a frontline role, working retail hours is necessary. I typically start my day at 8am in the morning and end around at 6.30pm. I believe that work-life balance is about prioritising your needs and having understanding family members and friends.

Some advice

Always be positive! There is always something good in every day.