Anuja Satish Patel

Anuja Satish Patel

Store Manager, UNIQLO Singapore

My company and my job

I am currently the Store Manager of UNIQLO North Point City. My day-to-day job scope involves strategising the business and sales plan to maximise efficiency and store sales.

This involves planning the inventory to ensure sufficient stock for what our customers look for, as well as providing my staff with training to maximise their potential and keep them motivated. At the heart of everything we do, we put the customers first.

How I got my job

When I applied for the management candidate position, I had to undergo three stages of interviews. The first was a logical test, followed by a group interview with the Human Resource Manager and the store’s Area Manager, before the final round which was an interview with UNIQLO Singapore’s CEO and COO.

I felt that the second round was most challenging as it was crucial that I could stand out in the group interview. I displayed my ability to adapt to a new environment and willingness to learn and grow, evident with challenges that I overcame with my stint in Shanghai via the NUS Overseas Program.

The highs and lows

The most motivating part of work to me is staff development. I feel a sense of joy and satisfaction when I am training my members, giving them a sense of purpose. This allows them to value-add to the company rather than just going through a routine daily.

It is challenging to constantly find new ways to meet our customers’ needs. The retail business is dynamic and ever changing. It is essential to always stay on top of the changes and be adaptable to increase customer satisfaction. 

My happiest moment at work

The most memorable moment for me was when I opened UNIQLO Waterway Point in 2016. I was involved in the long process of setting up the store from start to finish, giving me a great sense of satisfaction with the successful opening.

Training and support

Most of my training was done in-store by my store manager and the team I was working with during my six months as a manager candidate. After progressing to become store manager myself, I am constantly provided with training and guidance by the area manager who is my direct mentor.

Work-life balance

The most important aspect to achieving work-life balance is to have teamwork. I have a great team who constantly supports me daily at work and we all do our part to ensure that everything gets done on time and accurately.

Some advice

It is essential is to have an open mind, be willing to learn and to accept challenges as they come. Sometimes the toughest lessons are the most valuable ones.