Heng Yi Xiang
A day in the life of…

Heng Yi Xiang, Assistant Store Manager

Yi Xiang graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours (Merit) in History from the National University of Singapore in 2017.


I arrive at work and start my morning by aligning the objective and agenda of the day with other managers. Some examples of my daily tasks include general cleaning, replenishing of products, planning the layout of the shop floor and managing the cashier system.

Concurrently, I will also supervise my staffs’ progress to ensure they have proper guidance and that we are progressing according to plan, especially before the store opens.


When the store opens, I assume the role of shop floor commander to ensure that all store operations go smoothly and customers are attended to. It gives me a sense of satisfaction when I see a smile on my customers’ faces.

As an assistant manager, I review the store’s performance and make necessary adjustments to our plans to ensure we achieve sales targets. That is the most enriching aspect of my job as I am in the best position to identify opportunities and challenges that the store is facing and come up with appropriate solutions and action plans.


Work ends and I get to enjoy a night out with my family and friends with ease as I have a great team that is very supportive.