Sarin Madarasmi

Staff Software Engineer
Sarin Madarasmi, Staff Software Engineer
“The technical field is one where coding skills and project management represent only the start of a steep learning curve."

Getting started

As a computer science graduate, doors to the tech industry where the environment is fast-paced and ever-changing were opened to me. The challenges brought on by the tech industry enables me to continue to improve and inspires me to keep myself updated with the latest technology.

Wanting a different perspective and a wider domain knowledge, I embarked on my journey with ByteDance in October 2020. ByteDance is a top unicorn company with ample resources for growth coupled with a fast-paced environment, and strong culture driven by talented young minds. We adopt an agile method in our work which allows us to expand the breadth of our coverage and lets us grow in the career direction we seek. The team is very receptive to feedback and ideas are implemented rapidly, allowing things to flow more fluidly and efficiently.

About my job

Joining a team that was supporting a product at its infant stage meant I had a higher influence on shaping its processes. This gave me a broader understanding of the team's direction and provided the space to share and grow my technical knowledge. With this role, I was able to obtain a birds-eye view of the entire development process and suggest enhancements accordingly. Seeing the projects come to fruition and the positive impact that it brings is what gives me the greatest satisfaction.

Essential skills

The technical field is one where coding skills and project management represent only the start of a steep learning curve. It is equally important to be data-driven when communicating an idea as it helps solidify and gives more weight to the suggestions we make. With this new understanding, I am now able to put forward recommendations and lead discussions more comfortably. In addition, running multiple projects in parallel is expected within the team. I have learned to better communicate with various stakeholders and set priorities to ensure all deliverables are completed in a timely manner.

Advice for graduates

For me, continuous learning is necessary to ensure growth in any role. As an engineer, it is important to expand our knowledge base beyond projects via the available resources online and offline provided by ByteDance to all employees. It is also crucial to get acquainted with development tools such as Git, Docker and K8s, and project management tools such as Jira as it helps improve efficiency within the role.

Another piece of advice is to be comfortable in asking questions and seeking feedback as ByteDancers are always willing to lend a helping hand and a learning culture is fostered within teams. A more agile approach is preferred and teammates and leaders alike appreciate the different perspectives brought to the table. Being open to discussing and sharing ideas is the foundation to our collaborative culture.