The Stretch Clinic

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Teaching and Education

THE STRETCH CLINIC (TSC) is an advocate to inspire pain-free movement by providing the very best solution in optimum performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation from the world of sports science. We are an education and treatment-based facility where we aspire to offer physical therapy and training programs for individuals looking to improve health, performance and quality of life.

At TSC, our aim is to correct and treat common muscular and neurological complaints and bring balance back to the body by improving posture, biomechanics, overall strength and mobility.

We firmly believe that optimum performance is for everyone. In today's world everyone is an athlete leading a busy demanding life and as such we all deserve the finest physical care to perform our daily activities and hobbies in a pain-free, healthy body. We believe that everyone should enjoy an active living which is why we emphasise good form and technique and above anything else STRETCH STRETCH STRETCH.