The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) is a First Class Air Force, always ready to deter aggression and defend Singapore and its interests.

We will respond decisively to the full spectrum of missions from peace to war as part of an integrated Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

We will be superior in the air and decisively influence the ground and maritime battles.

The RSAF is founded on the core values and competencies of its World Class People.

We are committed to the nation, the SAF, the RSAF and to one another.

Together we will overcome adversity with courage and fortitude.

Above all, our people are the heart of our organization.

The Military Experts (MEs) are uniformed personnel with deep expertise in key military domains.

They serve to retain deep knowledge within the 3rd Generation SAF and are important complements to the Officer and Warrant Officer Corps.

  • Air Force Engineer - Maintainence | AFE (M)
  • Air Force Engineer - Flight Engineer | AFE (FE)
  • Air Force Engineer - Supply Chain | AFE (SC)
  • Air Imagery Intelligence Expert | AIRIX
  • Air Operations & Systems Expert | AOSX