The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)

Captain Michelle Teo


Relentless in the face of adversity and with an unsurpassed passion for speed, Michelle flies sophisticated aircrafts and delivers critical air support to protect Singapore's peace.

Getting started

My passion for flying began when I first got a taste of it as part of the Singapore Youth Flying Club. Later, the chance to fly a fighter aircraft and pursue a meaningful career with an organisation that aligned with my personal values attracted me to the Air Force.

Enjoying my job

I love flying, and while it is challenging to become a competent fighter pilot, I am grateful for the trust that the Air Force has placed in me and I look forward to defending Singapore every day.

Challenges and opportunities

I was the Trainee Wing Commander during my cadet days and Course-in-Charge for my Basic Wing Course (BWC). My stint as the Trainee Wing Commander focused mainly on managing the morale and welfare of my peers. On the other hand, my time as Course-in-Charge for my BWC gave me the opportunity to manage and delegate our course workload, which ensured that everyone performed to the best of their abilities.

I also had the opportunity to be part of overseas exercises, such as Exercise Cope Tiger, which opened my eyes to the high-tempo operations that we conduct. This helped me to develop the initiative and selfmotivation required to become a successful leader in the organisation.

Experience and skills

Team excellence is essential to the Air Force. Within the squadron, the aircrew needs to work closely together to ensure the smooth and efficient running of flying operations daily; within the Air Force, we need to work closely with the engineers to ensure our aircrafts are fully serviceable; and we need to coordinate with the Command, Control and Communications (C3) community during flying operations. We also need to work closely with the Ground-Based Air Defence (GBAD) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) community to ensure that we can support each other on various missions.

The Air Force also trains and moulds us into well-rounded individuals. I am grateful for the many learning opportunities to develop myself as a commander and leader through overseas trainings, detachments and numerous professional training courses that I have attended. Collectively, these experiences have enhanced my understanding of military affairs, honed my flying competency, and deepened my appreciation of my role in the Air Force. I have also become more independent and resourceful.

My advice

This dynamic career can be challenging both mentally and physically. One must be resourceful, resilient and courageous to overcome these challenges so you can become the best version of yourself.