Wong Choon Fu

Manager, Circle Line Maintenance
Choon Fu graduated with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

My company and my job

My job involves leading a team of seven engineers to provide maintenance engineering support for the Circle Line and Bukit Panjang LRT networks. These efforts contribute to the safety, service reliability and comfort for the trains’ passengers.

My team analyses and investigates the root causes of network faults and proposes process and system enhancements to prevent recurrences. Being a team leader, it is my responsibility to ensure that my team members are equipped with the essential skills to excel in their work and handle any future challenges.

How I got my job

I joined SMRT as a Management Trainee in 2013. I was put through assessments and interviews with the rest of the applicants. I think that being true to myself during the challenging selection process really helped both SMRT and I to decide if we were a good match. Fortunately, it all turned out well!

The highs and lows

Job satisfaction comes from being able to see how my work directly impacts three million commuters. It does not matter if the improvements are incremental as I strongly believe that it takes numerous small steps to bring about a great change.

My work is important because it directly affects rail reliability. It is my responsibility to continually enhance our maintenance strategies in order to ensure that our transport system is safe and reliable.

One of the challenges of the job, however, is the dynamic environment. But I believe you can overcome any challenges if you are resilient and willing to learn. It is also important to have colleagues who are willing to guide and nurture you. My learning was especially accelerated as I had to work with people from various backgrounds.

My happiest moment at work

Last year, I was part of a team that organised a station and depot visit for the staff’s family members. It really warmed my heart to see everyone’s loved ones get in touch with what we do and where we worked, understand the diffculties we faced, and also appreciate our efforts in enhancing life in Singapore.

Training and support

My long-term goals are to continuously develop my technical skills and to gain various work experiences in different business units. It is also crucial for me to keep abreast with the latest industry practices.

This is supported by SMRT’s in- house training and development programme under the SMRT Trains Engineering Professionalisation (STEP) framework. The STEP programme aims to enhance the professional status of SMRT’s rail engineers by helping us attain professional chartership through continuous development and upgrading opportunities.

The railway industry is also a “sunrise industry” – the government seeks to double the current railway system by 2030 – so we can expect more challenging and exciting projects in the future.

Some advice

My advice is to have great aspirations for success. Always focus on consistently learning and developing yourself. Do not be deterred when you encounter setbacks by staying committed to your aspirations.