Tan Siyun

Tan Siyun

Prototype Designer

My company and job 

“So, you are a tour guide?” is usually the first question people ask me when I say I work for STB. I do not have a license to guide tourists, but my day-to-day job exposes me to the diverse business units that supports the tourism economy in Singapore. I am part of the Technology Exploration (TX) team in STB and we spearhead initiatives to transform the organisation to be agile and innovative in delivering effective user-centric solutions to STB, businesses, citizens and our visitors. 

We run design-thinking workshops, look for the best ways to resolve problems and apply the correct solutions. The best solutions solve problems from a user-centric perspective and they don’t always need to be tech-based. Some of the things we are involved in include prototypes for indoor positioning, design thinking and process improvement for licensing systems, and even simple apps that help to track staff attendance at events. 

How I got my job 

I first joined as a project manager for STB’s intranet system and at the time, projects run on the “waterfall” model of developing systems – from requirements to development, testing and deployment. Going through all that makes you wonder if there are better ways to improve how people work. When an internal job posting looking for candidates that think outside the box came up, I applied for it and here I am now.

The highs and lows 

Think of TX as a start-up within a government agency – and that should give an idea of the excitement and challenges we face on the job. We have grown and built a team of two members to a team of ten now. Rolling out projects that make a difference for users after successful prototyping and testing – that’s the job satisfaction we get. 

Skills and knowledge 

Tech is a field in where learning cannot stop. However, what sets you apart besides the technical skill sets is how you approach the people whom you need to work with. Technology and solutions are hardly ever the issue in projects. It is almost always about the people, understanding their business needs and objectives, and how you can help add value to the tourism outcomes that we are trying to achieve within STB. 

Work-life balance 

On usual days, my office hours are from 10am to 8pm. I love that we have flexible working hours, which helps me beat the morning MRT crowd. 

Some advice 

We are always on a lookout for people with good ideas and are able to work their way around problems, so if you think you fit the bill, join us!