Vanessa Goh

3D Design Angel

Vanessa graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art and Animation from Digipen Institute of Technology Singapore in 2015.

I am up and awake, deciding what to wear for work. As a Designer, I don’t like to be restricted to formal office outfits so I’m glad that my team gets to dress more casually for work. Also, breakfast is important. Some days, I get breakfast along the way, or have a quick cereal at home.
I reach the office around 9.30am. Before I start doing work, I make sure that the pantry is well-stocked because little things matter! I’ll sit down for a bit for breakfast or chat with colleagues about their evenings and weekends.
When I’m ready to get focused, I’ll be at my desk with my busy light switched on. When the light is red, it means that I’m focusing hard on my work. I usually keep the light green, which indicates that I’m available, so come strike up a conversation!
On Mondays, we have Scrum meetings for the Interactivity and Design team to update each other on the projects we’re working on and those we have completed. Scrum is an agile framework of managing a project, commonly used by development teams. We’ve an online Scrum board to facilitate this, and we take turns every month to be the Scrum master.
Lunch is always exciting because there are a few lunch groups that I would join. I love how I am surrounded by many people of different ethnicities and every day I get to learn something new about different cultures and perspectives. I am also grateful that the office location is surrounded by many food places. The Siemens office cafeteria serves good Indian food too!
Back from lunch! I’m usually very stuffed so I will stand and work for an hour or two. Now I’m working on a virtual reality (VR) project, I’m drawing the assets for the 3D environment. When I’ve some updates on the project, we will set up the VR workplace for play testing. To draw the 3D models, I need photographs for references so sometimes I will be walking around the office building, taking pictures of anything and everything.
I like to take short tea breaks with different colleagues from other departments. It’s always interesting to hear projects that others are working on and sometimes realise that we might even be able to collaborate.
Time to end the day! But before that, I like to head to the office gym for a workout before heading out.