Vincent Fu

Vincent Fu

Assistant Manager, Network Planning

My job

My day in Scoot consists of a healthy dose of analysis and money-grabbing. A revenue manager’s job in an airline is to determine the fares that customers see when they are trying to purchase a ticket. It is dynamic game of supply and demand matching, dictated by a myriad of factors from competitor pricing, to number of seats you have left. Because each flight an airline operates come with a hefty bill in terms of fuel, crewing and many other costs, the success of the revenue manager directly impacts the success of the airline. In other words, I try to make sure that a customer pays as much as he is possibly willing to, for a ticket to fly.

How I got my job 

Before the interview, there were the standard aptitude tests with a section for personality, logic and language. The interview itself was a lot more stressful. I had no relevant knowledge of the aviation industry and needed to convince them that in spite of that, I was the way to go. Fortunately, the hiring manager was willing to take a chance with someone green and letting me grow into the role.

The highs and lows 

It became quickly apparent to me that the thing I love about Scoot was the same thing that I love about SMU. We’re different. Here at Scoot, we talk about something called Scootitude and it means something a little different to everyone. To me it’s about not sweating the small stuff, letting yourself go crazy and have fun, but still getting the job done. To be honest, Scoot is the closest I’ve ever felt to being back at campus in SMU since graduating. More than the people and the culture, the thing I love about the job is that people here in Scoot are empowered to make decisions that directly impact the company. Everyone is driven to help make a difference, because they CAN make a difference.

My happiest moment at work

Part of the role of a revenue manager is to work with marketing to come up with promotions to drive sales. Seeing the performance indicators jump at the end of every promotion is an affirmation of how my work helps to directly drive the performance. There is a tiny high whenever I see the performance surge, and every time one of our flights depart full.

Some advice 

If you like showing up in your flippy-floppies and your favourite T-shirt and shorts combo and crushing it at work - join Scoot. It’s all about the attitude and you don’t have to wear a tie and be stuffy to deliver results.