Saw Wen Yi

Saw Wen Yi

Specialist, Product & Ancillary

My job

My current portfolio oversees inflight catering, duty-free shopping and magazine of Scoot. I am responsible for the end-to-end management of these products, from how the products are chosen to how these products are marketed and delivered to the passengers.

My day-to-day responsibilities include working with external and internal stakeholders from back-end vendors and suppliers to our cabin crew (our Scootees!) on the front-end, to bring exciting and new meals, shopping and magazine content to passengers.

The highs and lows

I like that the aviation industry is a very dynamic and fast-moving one, especially so for a start-up like Scoot. Passenger profiles and demand differ from time to time, and we have to factor these into our product cycle planning, so, every cycle is different! With new planes, new routes and new opportunities in Scoot, it just gets more exciting!

In Scoot, we have a very open, fun and engaging culture which we term ‘Scootitude’. I am very grateful for a supportive team and colleagues who are fun and quirky and always willing to help. While we work hard to generate moo-lahs for the company, we don’t forget to play hard too. We are also encouraged and empowered to do things differently, to think out of the box and to be different from the norm.

The challenges – I entered the industry without prior aviation background or experience. It was a very steep learning curve for me, to understand the operations of an airline. As I took over my portfolios, one of the challenges I face is to balance the needs of both external and internal stakeholders. While every business’ aim is to maximise revenue and optimise customer experience, it is also important for us to align business goals with our external business partners.

My happiest moment at work

They’d definitely be the launch of each new product cycle, where the coordination behind-the-scenes come together in reality.

I was also very privileged to have won myself a ticket to Seattle to bring home our first Boeing 787 Dreamliner “Dream Start”! It was an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience, where we visited the Boeing Dreamliner Gallery and Factory, as well as the Museum of Flight in Seattle. This was a mega exposure for me to the aviation industry, and I simply loved it!

Some advice 

Be open, humble and willing to learn.

Be open to new opportunities and experience. Do not limit yourself to a certain type of role or industry that you want to be in, and if opportunities come along, seize it!

Be humble, not only does humility allows you to appreciate and value the opinions and decisions of people around you, you learn more about yourself too. This makes you a better team player as well!

As a fresh graduate, I’d like to describe myself as a ‘sponge’ who is willing to absorb as much learning and knowledge as possible. Never mind if you had no experience or knowledge in this field or industry, it is most important that you are willing to learn.