Nicholas Ngian Chun Yam

Nicholas Ngian Chun Yam

Officer, Network Planning

My company and my job

I’m part of a team that manages and plans Scoot’s and Tigerair’s flight schedules; I’m also involved in the search for new destinations! We work with various departments throughout the airline to ensure that there are sufficient resources to operate a schedule. We constantly evaluate and monitor if there is a need to make adjustments to the schedule, and ensure its accurate implementation and subsequent communication to all stakeholders. On the regulatory front, we liase with different airports and civil aviation authorities for arrival and departure slots. 

How I got my job

I did an online aptitude test before being called down for an interview. My interviewers were particularly interested in whether my previous job had primed me to be comfortable with communicating with different departments. I was told later that it was my passion and thirst for knowledge in aviation that got me selected. 

The highs and lows

I’m an aviation geek, so it’s like a dream come true! I enjoy the problem solving aspect of the job, as well as having something new to learn every day. It is also enlightening to find out about how each department works, and to see how everything comes together for the airline. My happiest moment at work includes seeing a new destination going from the proposal stage all the way to its inaugural flight. 

Training and support

I work in a small team, so training was provided by my colleagues. They had set high standards for me but have always been patient and meticulous in training me to perform well in this challenging job.

Also, other than being a fun and youthful place to work in, the company is always open to nurturing a variety of characters and personalities.

Work-life balance

I work office hours; however, during a busy period the team will stay a bit longer to finish any important assignments. I also keep a strict exercise regime to remain healthy and fit, and this translates into optimum mental performance during working hours.

Some advice

We need to ask ourselves about what we want from a job, and to relentlessly pursue the things that are important to us. Do not be afraid to show your passion as it will translate into tangible value for the company!