Yeo Xiu Wen

Yeo Xiu Wen

Commercial Officer

Why did you choose your particular career?

My academic field of study was in investment banking and economics, and that stemmed from my strong interest in the financial markets and overall market behaviour. I am a highly analytical person, and enjoy analysing facts and figures. My previous work tenures were with private equity firms, and during my time with them I honed my skills in financial modelling and analysis.

On a broader level in business management, I have a keen interest with how organisations function and thrive in the industries they are in. This was one of the reasons why I joined Rolls-Royce's Commercial Graduate Programme, because it gave me the broad global business perspective that I was looking for, and the opportunity to develop new skill sets in commercial law and contracts.

Why did you choose your current employer?

I believe that Rolls-Royce is focused on people development, and invests heavily in this area. This is demonstrated not just through training initiatives by the company, but also through managers who are willing to spend time to develop their team members' skills.

The other reason why I chose Rolls-Royce was that I felt the company’s graduate programme was extremely well developed and structured. During my time in the graduate programme, I was given the opportunity to gain insights into a number of sectors in the marine business. The graduate coordinators and line managers during this programme were also very supportive in helping me develop both my skills and my career.

What does your current job involve?

I’m currently a Commercial Officer involved in Rolls-Royce's marine business, and am responsible for justifying the appointment of intermediaries from a financial perspective, and managing their agreements with Rolls-Royce. In addition, I work with the business development team in terms of setting up and maintaining collaborative ventures.

How did you get the job?

I believe that it was my ability to learn different aspects of the business quickly and to analyse and challenge business cases from a financial perspective that helped me secure an offer from the company. In addition, this position involves frequent liaising with senior managers and business leaders of the company, and the ability to effectively engage them with your business insight is crucial.

What makes you good at your job?

An open mindset has helped me pick up new skills and knowledge, and that has pushed me far in my career.

What is your advice to students who wish to have the same job like you?

An academic background in law or business management will be useful. However, academic background alone will not suffice; this is a career path requiring development in a broad range of skills and knowledge, and a willingness to learn is essential.