Vignesh Natarajan

Vignesh Natarajan

Embedded Software Developer, R&D

My company and my job

I joined Rohde & Schwarz after graduating from university. As part of the Research and Development team, my colleagues and I work on the development of industrial test and measurement equipment. As such, our day-to-day tasks include product design and testing, where we work on software maintenance and hardware interface, as well as implementation and integration of the system. 

How I got my job

I underwent a video conference interview where I was assessed based on my understanding in my field of specialisation down to the fundamentals. I was also presented with scenario questions to see if I would lean towards taking up challenges or staying in my comfort zone. Needless to say, your employer would be looking out for the former!

The highs and lows

The very fact knowing that the product we engineer is going to meet the needs of our customers makes this job very exciting. I feel that the responsibility and commitment needed to fulfil our tasks thrills me to push myself to do more.

My happiest moment at work

My happiest moment at work was when I realised that working at Rohde and Schwarz has helped me reach a state of mind where I am confident to say "I can do it" instead of "I will try" whenever a task is to be accomplished.

Training and support

Rohde and Schwarz offers various training opportunities to its employees. An employee can choose the necessary courses that are associated with their field of expertise or various other topics for personality development. The sessions are offered in the form of e-training or classroom sessions tailor-made for all employees.

My teammates are professionals. The work environment is conducive and friendly. We support and coordinate with each other to bring effective results.

Work-life balance

Here at Rohde and Schwarz, we have a flexible working arrangement that makes work-life balance easily manageable. We can clock-out as early as 4pm and clock-in as late as 10am. The corporate policies are set to aid employees in managing their work-life balance. Off-in lieu entitlement in addition to annual leave is one of the various corporate policies I like at Rohde and Schwarz.

Some advice

Identify and follow your passion. Seek a challenging career that will help you to accomplish your goal.