Ong Jun Kai Jonathan

Ong Jun Kai Jonathan

Technical Sales Engineer

My company and job

I am a Product Engineer with the Technical Sales department at Rohde & Schwarz Asia. My main duties include:

  • Preparing and delivering technical presentations explaining our products and services to existing and prospective customers
  • Building rapport and collaborating with our regional sales teams from various Rohde & Schwarz subsidiaries to understand customer requirements and provide sales support
  • Conferring with customers and our engineers to assess equipment needs and determine system requirements
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with clients in order to secure and renew orders

How I got my job

Three months before graduation, I attended a career fair hosted by the Technical University of Munich (TUM). It was then that I was introduced to Rohde & Schwarz Asia and their openings for product engineers and was happy to find a role that is a great fit for me following my course of study.

For the selection process, there were two interviews conducted by different hiring managers. The first hiring manager assessed me on my general technical knowledge and capabilities. The second interview involved two hiring managers appraising me on my interpersonal skills and getting to know more about my personality as this gives them a feel of whether I would be able to adapt to the company culture. That said, it was a two-way exchange as I was also given the opportunity to know more about the team and its working style.

The highs and lows

My job requires me to travel quite frequently overseas to meet customers and conduct seminars to potential clients on our solutions and services. What I like about this aspect of my job is the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures and communicate with people of different backgrounds.

The most challenging aspect would be to meet deadlines and customer expectations. At one point, I was tasked to handle up to 10 accounts that required submission of technical proposals, quotations, tenders, reports, and follow-up requests. I have to admit it was a little overwhelming during that period but it was by overcoming the hurdle that I learnt most. This job allows me to grow independently and develop better time management skills.

My happiest moment at work

In the initial stages of my job, I was partnered with a mentor for close guidance on all my business trips. Now that I have been with Rohde & Schwarz for over two years, I have been traveling on my own since a few months back. Being able to travel for work independently and share my technical expertise with customers has been one of my biggest career achievements thus far. There is great job satisfaction when the participants express their appreciation following the seminars. I value those moments very much.

Training and support

You will never find spoon-feeding over here at Rohde & Schwarz Asia! Each newcomer’s training period can take up to six months where you will be assigned to a mentor for guidance and assessment. While your mentor and management are there for support and advice, there is a huge amount of self-learning involved. This may be a steep learning curve, but I think it is a good headstart to learn how to work independently.

Work-life balance

Rohde & Schwarz has a flexible work-time policy and this allows you to plan your work schedule. For example, because my team and I travel often, we can even work from home at times as long as we complete our tasks by their deadlines.