Justin Tan

Justin Tan

Technical Sales Engineer

My company and my job

I am a Technical Sales Engineer with Rohde & Schwarz Asia. My market focus is on our Monitoring and Network Testing business field. My job scopes include:

  • Price and project coordination between various parties
  • Smooth project transition with our Project Engineers from Systems Engineering based at our Loyang manufacturing plant
  • Quotation generation to global customers
  • Cooperation with various departments for project execution and handover

How I got my job

I actually found out about Rohde & Schwarz Asia via Google Maps as I was looking for an engineering role near my home. I guess I lucked out when I scored an interview because this was an opportunity to work at a company in close proximity to where I live.

There was however, a funny story to how I landed in our Technical Sales department. Based on how the interview went, I was actually given a choice to choose between a Project Engineer and Technical Sales Engineer role. In the end, I came full circle to be part of our Technical Sales department.

Justin Tan Rohde & Schwarz Asia

The highs and lows

I feel that the most challenging part for me is the need to communicate to our customers based all over the world. This is because of the time difference in different regions – it is difficult to coordinate video conferences or hold discussion sessions with all stakeholders. To overcome this obstacle, we have to find a way to work around everyone’s working hours and then consolidate all the inputs.

Despite the challenges, what keeps me motivated in my work is me having a part to play in securing orders for the company, and that the orders contribute to the turnover. This contribution is indicative that anyone in Rohde & Schwarz can bring value to the company.

My happiest moment at work

It’s not exactly a “moment” but the happiest part of my work is having a group of understanding and cooperative colleagues. We may belong in different departments, but my colleagues are always very willing to lend a helping hand. My mentor and bosses are also patient to guide and help me. I appreciate how when I make a mistake, there is no blame game, rather, they teach me how to do something better. I learn that mistakes are part and parcel of my job. What’s more important is that everyone moves on from the incident and not make the same mistake twice. Having such support is truly something that makes this a positive working environment.

Training and support

I was given on-the-job training and I feel that that was the fastest way to ease into my job. I did not have much difficulty understanding what the job entails, and this also helped me to blend in with the team. I was assigned a mentor whom I am very grateful for. I remember when I faced a problem at work, he stepped in to not only give me valuable advice and training, but also personally rectify the mistake I made. I think that such mentorship is rare to find and I consider myself lucky to be given the opportunity to work with him.

Work-life balance

Our working hours are flexible and I appreciate that the company understands that there are times when we need time off to handle personal matters.

Some advice

Be honest in your work. A mistake is a mistake. No one is perfect. What is more important is for you to admit your mistake, move on and be better.