Kendrick Low

Financial Planning and Analysis Accountant

Kendrick graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy with a Second Major in Economics from the Singapore Management University (SMU) in 2020.

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From Passion to Impact: My FP&A Journey at PSA Singapore

My university days sparked my passion for accounting especially in the world of Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A). Graduating at the height of Covid-19 pandemic, I made a pivotal decision to accept the PSA Undergraduate Scholarship and work at PSA Singapore.

Beyond Numbers

As an FP&A accountant at PSA, my role transcends the traditional number-crunching. It requires me to transform complex data into actionable insights that influence key business decisions. This demands not only robust accounting skills, but also an analytical mindset, the capacity to see the bigger picture while remaining detail-oriented, and the ability to decipher links between seemingly unrelated business events. 

Beyond the daily BAUs and meetings, I also work on various project-specific tasks that involve collaborating with internal and external parties. Managing stakeholders is an important part of my role and doing it effectively contributes to the success of our projects and the overall success of PSA.

Growth, Guidance and Global Experiences

My journey at PSA has been dynamic and fruitful thus far as I had the opportunity to engage stakeholders across various functions and manage constantly evolving situations. Besides establishing common ground with business partners and developing my business acumen, I have learnt to navigate the steep learning curve through guidance from supportive colleagues who are always ready to teach you the ropes. In PSA, a strong spirit of camaraderie is shared among colleagues and supervisors, which I really appreciate!

I have also experienced PSA's commitment to fostering growth through the job rotations and overseas stints I have been offered. From starting with the Group Consolidation Team to later moving to a Business Partnering role, each rotation has added to my understanding of different facets of the business. 

Early on in my career, I also had the opportunity to be involved in a project in Thailand, which gave me exposure to international business operations and cultures. Moreover, PSA offers opportunities for overseas postings, which is a personal career aspiration for me. I shared with my superiors about my desire to gain international experience and have found PSA to be incredibly supportive and proactive in looking out for such requests. 


The inclusive and supportive culture at PSA, coupled with the satisfaction of making a real impact on the supply chain community, keeps me motivated and driven. At PSA, we are encouraged to voice our opinions. This is especially important as it encourages me to innovate and continuously grow in every aspect of the business. With this safe space at work, I enjoy what I do and I find that many of my colleagues here have stayed in the company for years.

Advice for Fresh Graduates

To fresh graduates entering the workforce, I would say do not be afraid to choose unconventional career paths and prioritise gaining in-depth industry knowledge. This will help you pick up practical and crucial financial analysis skills including forecasting, budgeting, and strategic planning that will go a long way in your finance career. There are many different finance roles within PSA such as business partnering, tax compliance, data analytics, sustainability financing. To harness on the various professional growth opportunities, always stay open to learning new things, ask questions, embrace new challenges, and never shy away from seeking help. In this era of digital transformation, it is also important to arm yourself with technological skills. These are the key attributes that can fuel your growth journey in FP&A. My journey has certainly proven to be fulfilling, impactful, and one of continuous learning and growth, and I hope it will be the same for you.