Employer Insights

“The opportunities that come with the MA role are appealing as the job rotations will help me develop breadth of knowledge and identify the scope of work that best fits me, while also building both depth and breadth in my technical competencies.”
Both Boshen and Jay explain what really sets PSA apart in its efforts to develop them both as professionals and people.
Boshen is a Management Associate (MA) on the Business track and has most recently been involved in the development of Tuas Port.
Jay, on the other hand, is on the Information Technology (IT) track, and is a Software Engineering Lead.
At PSA, the company believes that uncertainties also present a set of opportunities which you can capitalise on, provided you are well prepared for them. Through relentless innovation, adopting a long-term view, and embracing continuous learning, companies and individuals can future-proof themselves and be well-positioned for the future.