Discover how Angeline Zhang and Elijah Ho started their Day 1 at Procter & Gamble.
Angeline Zhang P&G

Angeline Zhang

Role: Assistant Brand Manager

University: National University of Singapore

Program: Master of Science, Logistics, Materials and Supply Chain Management

Job Title: Demand Planning Associate Manager

My P&G Career started from an internship with Product Supply, and at my Day 1 I was entrusted and given an impactful business project to develop an Oral B transportation and warehouse cost saving masterplan of millions of dollars over 8 weeks internship. Honestly, I was intimidated to be a project owner to deliver a real business case and make difference from Day 1, but luckily, I was paired with a manager who helped to allocate the right resource for me, ensured I understand what is expected and enabled me to deliver beyond that.

P&G cultivate future leader by giving responsibility right from the beginning, we do something that matters. Now I have been working in P&G for three years and I am about to move to my next assignment, but the Day 1 kind of passion, engagement, and ownership never decrease. The steep learning curve helped me to progress from day to day and perform at my best. I am constantly developing my capabilities and growing my experience professionally and personally.

The inclusive culture of P&G also brings me friendship, we work hard and play hard together.

Elijah Ho P&G

Elijah Ho

Role: Assistant Brand Manager

University: Nanyang Technological University

Program: Bachelor of Business Administration

Job Title: Assistant Brand Manager

From Day 1, my key responsibility was to enable faster decision making and speed to market by leveraging the power of big data. My managers entrusted me with the responsibility of creating a data-driven culture which culminated into the creation of the SK-II command centre, a war room that enables real time visibility of data from multiple touchpoints of the business. With their guidance and support, I was empowered to create P&G’s first-ever integrated dashboard featuring business data together with all the key business drivers which involved connecting vast amounts of data from fragmented sources into a single location and get them to talk to each other.

This Command Centre was showcased as a best-in-class digital capability to the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Trade and Economic Development Board. It was even featured in over 10 newspaper and online publications in Singapore like the Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao.