SGUnited Traineeship: Digital Editor & Coordinator

Application Dates
Applications open
25 Jun 2020
Applications closing
31 Dec 2020
Opportunity Overview
Type Graduate Jobs (Full-time)
Start date
25 Jun 2020
Academic requirements
Level of Study
Degree Accepted


  • Per the team's Governance function, review and last-mile editing of customer-directed comms, especially digital comms (web/mobile screens, online messages and correspondences of all types)
  • Per the team's Internal Comms function, production and editing of original content for OCBC Group blog/website/magazine
  • Per the team's Centre of Excellence function, creative and editorial support for Corp Comms/Branding initiatives


  • Excellent, grammatically faultless editing skills and a flair for writing; must especially excel in digital forms of communication;
  • Some facility with logic/basic programming is preferred, as is familiarity with design and video skills;
  • A sustained passion for improving the customer’s experience, especially in digital communications;
  • Creative bent and interest in brainstorming communication and brand campaigns;
  • Must have good inter-personal skills;
  • Ability to work to deadline.

You will be responsible for helping to review and creatively refine the Bank's customer-directed communications, especially digital (such as screens) and correspondences. You will also responsible for editing the Bank's in-house digital communications. He/she will work with various stakeholders to ensure the quality and consistency of said content.