Jolene Poh

Jolene Poh

Information Security Specialist

My company and my job

I spend my day-to-day on research and exploring how new digital technologies can be applied to business needs, as well as reviewing existing information security standards and tools. I also work closely with users across departments and cross-functional teams, understanding their products and processes, identifying risks and challenging gaps to ensure that our security solutions can add value to our business. I am thankful for great team members who stick together through thick and thin.

How I got my job

I decided to apply for a job in a bank after studying IT for seven years. I had no prior experience to banking, but went ahead to apply through the Young Bankers Graduate programme. We had a few stages of interviews with HR and line managers – and I remember one of the questions was “Tell me a scenario where you solved problems, and how did you overcome them?” The funny thing is, we solve problems every day in our daily lives and there are so many to pick from, but I guess I’ve encountered a few memorable ones that might have landed me where I am today.

The highs and lows

I love the speed and agility that my job requires. If you are not always in a ready state to do something, it might be too late when the situation demands for it. I love how this job provides you the relevant support and guidance to bring you closer to your goal – always helping one another to challenge the status quo. We spend several hours a day to understand something new, then develop and implement an idea not knowing if it will work out. But we constantly challenge ourselves to break barriers.

How has my IT degree helped in my Banking Career?

Programming and Analytics have taught me to think logically – this has enabled me to analyse business challenges in a structured manner and to propose best-fit solutions.

Work-life balance

I have the habit of turning up an hour earlier for work, to soak in the morning peace and quiet with a cup of morning coffee. I also spend my weekends with people and things that I have less time for on weekdays, and to fully rest and recuperate to be ready for the next week of challenges. This is a journey that we should pace ourselves for.

Some advice

Integrity is key. If you commit to something, follow through on that promise. There will always be room for improvement. Take time to understand your own priorities and talents. Every individual is unique.