Daphne Wong

Daphne Wong

Assistant Relationship Manager, Global Corporate Banking

My company and my job 

As an assistant relationship manager, I support the relationship managers in their broad scope of responsibilities. My job involves speaking with clients, liaising with colleagues from other departments, as well as performing company analysis and drafting credit papers. As a management associate, I have also been given the opportunity to work on various initiatives for the division, which provides me with a different view of the business.

How I got my job 

The final round of interviews with the department heads was particularly memorable! I was able to show my personality and speak about my experiences, which created a comfortable environment for me to ask many questions in return. I think the confidence and ability to connect with the interviewers gave me an advantage for this front-line role.

The highs and lows 

Touching the lives of people is one of the perks in this career. You meet people and talk to them. While mistakes are part of the process, they can certainly be discouraging at times. I am grateful for a team that is willing to provide guidance, enabling me to learn, which motivates me in turn! I think it’s also important to make stops along the way, to recognise the progress that you have made.

Skills and knowledge 

I think one skill that is often overlooked is the ability to effectively communicate and express one’s thoughts into spoken and written words. Being adept at this helps you in your career – issues such as miscommunication can be eliminated, giving you more time as well! Apart from that, I often rely on my accounting and risk analysis knowledge to gain a better understanding of our clients and how we can engage them.

Work-life balance 

It starts from the top – find an environment that believes in and practises this delicate balance. However, I would be lying if I said it was always easy. The hours can be unpredictable at times but that’s reflective of the dynamic environment I work in. On my part, I try to integrate both work and life, whether it’s a quick chat with the colleague I meet in the pantry or the exercise class during lunch. It also helps to recognise that your seniors are great examples you can learn from when it comes to finding this balance.

Some advice 

When applying for jobs, always seek to understand the role and its requirements, and then tailor your resume and interview preparation accordingly. Apply early and be punctual for your interviews!