A day in the life of…

Lim Jie Min Corliss, Junior Relationship Manager, Global Commodities Finance

Corliss earned her Double Degree in Accounting and Banking & Finance from Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

7.00 AM:
I like to “get in the zone” before work starts, so I try to avoid rushing in the morning. This means starting around 7am and getting into the office early. This really helps me to start the day on the right foot.
Once I am in the office, I catch up on emails and the latest news on the various sectors I work on. I have found it important to list my to-dos for the day because other more pressing issues will definitely come up later. This helps me stay on track.
9.00 AM:
Once a week, the team gets together with our department head for our “Weekly Gossip” where we share our updates, as well as any market news and gossips – hence the name! We keep ourselves up to date with the industry trends while streamlining our focus for the week.
I am on the energy team, but during the meeting, I also get to learn about the agriculture and metals sectors, as well as from our colleagues in Hong Kong.
No two days are ever the same with my job. As a Relationship Manager (RM), we interact with people all the time – both internally and externally. I would liken our job to the conductor of an orchestra. In order for the melody to turn out beautifully – or have a smooth transaction – we have to ensure that the right instruments are being played at the right time. For instance, making sure that the required documents and approvals are in place and on time, or that the transaction is within the approved structure. That is how we provide the best customer service.
I catch up with my clients and get updates on their business and source for new deals. I also evaluate the deals that clients have put forth for the bank to finance, and check whether they fit the parameters that we have approved internally.
12.00 PM:
During business lunches with clients, we get to know their business better. We talk about their recent flows, such as who they buy from and sell to, or their latest expansion strategy. But it is not all work-talk; after all, clients are people too! We simply chat as friends and build rapport.
I can also be found hanging out with my batchmates from other departments, and taking a breather from work. At the same time, I also get to hear more about how the other departments within the bank are doing and the initiatives we are driving outside of corporate banking. In this aspect, I really appreciate the network that the Graduate Talent Programme has brought me.
2.00 PM:
I work on my paperwork for the day. This includes a lot of analysing and convincing as we make recommendations to the relevant approvers regarding our client portfolios. Sometimes, we work with other teams to clarify and strengthen our recommendations to maintain an acceptable risk-return level. This has tested my writing and persuasion skills!
I am glad to have my team to teach me. As a junior RM, I have received a lot of guidance from the team, including my supervisor. The fellow RMs are very willing to involve and expose me to their work too. Having a great team is definitely half a battle won.
7.00 PM:

At the end of the day, I pack up my desk and keep all the documents before leaving. I do not like to see a cluttered table in the morning. Thursday or Friday nights are usually more enjoyable when the team heads out for drinks. We wind-down from a hard day, or week, of work and catch-up on life outside of work.