Software Developer
Caroline, Software Developer
“Even if it's something that you think you already know, still make the effort to learn it. I learnt a lot, even in the areas that I thought I already knew.”

Why I joined mthree

I graduated college in May from a small liberal arts school in Florida, United States (U.S.). My aunt had suggested I take up a computer science class, and so I did. I fell in love with it and decided to major in it. When I graduated, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Then I stumbled across mthree and I really liked what they had to offer.

As I went to a small liberal arts school, I was one of only two graduating computer science majors, and so our classes were very general. I didn’t feel completely prepared to jump into a job, I was looking for a place where they were going to train me – that’s what made mthree stand out to me.

What my training was like

I was already familiar with Java, so the training was more to refresh my memory. But what I found really interesting was the fact that it was a practical review. The instructors showed us how to use Java in a workplace.

I had only written small projects before starting the training, but joining mthree meant I was able to do a large project from start to finish. And now that’s exactly what we do in my job, so the training has been really useful.

College gave me a general overview of Computer Science, whereas the training taught me how to code in the real-world.

What the process from training to getting hired was like

Before this I had never had a “real” job. I was a sailing coach, but I got the role through people I knew, so I had never interviewed before.

I was very nervous for my interview, but Maxim from mthree was super helpful. In the time span of two days, I think I called him six times! He went over a list of interview questions with me and took the time to talk it all through with me – he helped me realise that interviews weren’t scary. We also did mock interviews and so I felt very prepared.

He also followed up with me after the interview to make sure everything went well. I don’t think I would’ve been as calm and collected as I was during the interview if it wasn’t for Maxim’s help!

What it was like starting my role and joining a new team

The moment we were set up with our computers, they started giving us tasks to do. Since then, we’ve been learning every day and I get the opportunity to do lots of different things, which is super cool! I really enjoy it.

It’s been a learning experience; finding out how to do things on my own, asking questions and gathering information from our senior developers are all soft skills that I’ve gained within the space of a few months.

Some projects I’m working on at the moment

All of the mthree Alumni on my team spent a month creating a service from start to finish. They gave it to us as a group to figure out and it's been really cool to see it come to life. I’ve been in the role for less than six months, so to give us a project like that to work on was a great opportunity.

Some words of advice

Working at home means you can get easily distracted, so definitely pay attention and take full advantage of what the course is giving you. Even if it's something that you think you already know, still make the effort to learn it. I learnt a lot, even in the areas that I thought I already knew.