Product Support Engineer
Alfred, Product Support Engineer
“When people hear that I work in support they think I fix monitors. However, my role is very different to that. I’m more of an investigator.”

My company and my job

Everyone in Hong Kong wants to work at a bank, it’s a prestigious industry and you’re paid very competitively. It’s also one of the best places to start a tech career. The company I work for is well-known as an excellent bank, so that also drew me to work there.

What happened when I joined mthree

They flew me to London for training, which lasted a month. They booked an Airbnb and paid me for the duration, too!

The training gave me a good introduction to production support – it taught me the tools I’ll be using, and prepared me for the first few months in my role. It was a really awesome experience, especially as I’ve never been to London before!

Why I chose this line of work

It would be much more difficult, perhaps even impossible, for my application to be seen because of the amount the investment banks receive. Because mthree has strong connections with the banks, it’s much easier to get a role through mthree. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door.

I feel super lucky that Olivia from mthree found me and that I’ve landed a job at such an established investment bank. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate mthree’s help. I wouldn’t be here without mthree.

What it was like when I first started

It was great working with organised, sophisticated systems. They use a lot of resources to maintain the IT. Sometimes when you face an issue you don’t know who you should contact, but with their system, it’s easy – this was especially useful when I was new.

How I would describe production support

When people hear that I work in support they think I fix monitors. However, my role is very different to that. I’m more of an investigator.

When I explain to my friend what I do, I use the analogy of video games. When we’re playing on our PlayStation, usually everything works fine. But sometimes when you've played for a long time, the game starts to lag or slows down. You don’t know who to ask to fix it, but because it’s a video game, it’s not that important, so you just restart it or leave it.

However, in the financial world, billions of dollars are being traded. So if the applications start to lag, that’s a serious issue. It’s my team’s responsibility to look into any issues and make sure applications are working as best as they can.

An issue I’ve fixed

Today, a client said he’s not receiving emails. As the Production Support Engineer, you don’t know what happened, so you have to investigate all the possible causes until you find the right one.

Another example is that an order took five seconds to send, and we’re asked why. So then I have to go through every possibility. I went through the whole process and checked every system before I finally found the one that was causing the delay.

What the process of converting from an Alumni to a permanent employee was like

It was super easy. I didn’t do anything! mthree handled everything for me, all I had to do was sign the contract. Before I was even told I was going to be kept on as a permanent employee, I was really happy with mthree’s service.

Benefits I received

The main benefit that I’ve found the most useful was the insurance. mthree paid 75% of the insurance fee, and I paid the remaining HK$700 in monthly instalments of around US$90.

The insurance covered everything; it even gave me US$500 to buy glasses every year! In fact, it’s even better than the insurance than the one I’m currently on.

Some words of advice

You have to join it! It’s a very good way to help you get in the investment banking industry.

Production support varies so much that whether you’re highly technical or not, you can find an area that works. It’s a really fun role, and I’ve enjoyed working in it.