Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI)

Banking and Financial Services

Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) promotes economic growth and creates good jobs, to enable Singaporeans to improve their lives.

Our strategies are derived from Singapore's general philosophy of economic management: strong adherence to a free market economic system, and active pursuit of outward-oriented economic policies.


A leading global city of enterprise and talent, a vibrant nation of innovation and opportunity

Our vision is for Singapore to be a leading global city with a dynamic economy, world-class enterprises and innovative and productive SMEs. Singapore will offer a conducive environment for entrepreneurs and enterprises to tap its diverse opportunities, and provide good jobs which are attractive to talent at all levels.


To promote economic growth and create good jobs, to enable Singaporeans to improve their lives.

Our aim is to create good jobs for Singaporeans by promoting economic growth which makes sustainable use of our land, manpower and energy. We will ensure that our economy continues to be competitive; able to attract investments and nurture a deeper base of global Singapore enterprises. We will promote productivity and support innovation as an enabler for enterprises. Together with our statutory boards, MTI will strive to enable Singaporeans to maximise their potential and improve their lives.


MTI HQ has 5 corporate values that spell out EPI2C. 

At MTI, we:

  • Value our People
  • Serve with Integrity
  • Collaborate as Partners
  • Dare to Innovate and
  • Strive for Excellence.