Liu Fuquan

OC Intelligence, Enforcement J, CNB
Fuquan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (1st Class Honours) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

My company and my job 

My day to day job involves collating intelligence and mounting operations to nab drug abusers and traffickers.

How I got my job 

I sat for a psychometric test followed by an interview with the psychologist and then attended a panel interview. The interview panel posed tricky scenario-based questions which thankfully I was able to think on my feet and answer.

The highs and lows 

The most satisfying part of my job is knowing that what I do will have a positive impact on our society, keeping Singapore drug free for our future generations. As our society progresses, drug trends are also evolving and since drug enforcement work is proactive in nature, we must keep ourselves abreast with the drug trends and situation.

My happiest moment at work

Knowing that my hard work translates into the safety and security of Singapore and also the happiness of individuals whose hearts we have touched.  

Training and support 

During my budding years in CNB, I was assigned a very caring and helpful mentor and that really helped to ease me into the environment and the job scope.

Work-life balance 

Finding joy in my work is very important as it keeps me going. Having a supportive family and great colleagues ease the challenges of managing work-life balance.   

Some advice

Be passionate about what you are doing for it is what keeps the fire burning inside.