Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)

Public Sector

The Home Team is the umbrella of different agencies under the Ministry of Home Affairs. It is a community forged by more than 23,000 members who come together to track Singapore’s growth and play an integral role in ensuring the safety and security of the county.

The Home Team is currently inviting individuals to fill the positions of Civilian Officer and Uniformed Officer. The Home Team offers rewarding and challenging careers to talented officers seeking a leadership role in keeping Singapore safe and Secure.

As a Home Team officer you will share a common mission and have unique opportunities to be involved in challenging security issues that confront the nation. You will play a pivotal role in executing law initiatives for the betterment of the general community and your loved ones.

The Home Team is committed to develop and hone your leadership potential. You will be put in charge of complex assignments and be exposed to a diverse range of career opportunities and experiences conducive to professional and personal growth.