Ministry of Finance (MOF)

Public Sector

The Ministry of Finance aims to sustain a high-performance government with sound public finances that enable growth opportunities for all Singaporeans. As a valued employee within MOF, you will contribute to MOF’s multi-faceted role as a central planning agency within the public service.

• As a Steward, we are responsible for the Government’s overall budget and management of reserves

• As an Enabler, we provide resources to other government agencies for the implementation of national policies and programmes

• As an Integrator, we bring agencies and/or other stakeholders together to achieve whole-of-government outcomes and to ensure efficient deployment of resources

• As a Catalyst, we seed new ideas and explore new terrain where there is potential for success.

You have the option to choose the career track that will help you realise your potential. If you aspire to be in a leadership role, the management route offers you opportunities to take on greater responsibility. If specialisation is your cup of tea, the specialist track offers you the option to advance in your chosen field. In MOF, you will receive the support you need to makethe most of your career where you can contribute to shaping Singapore’s future.