Poh Ning

Poh Ning

Level Head / Assistant Year Head

My company and my job

My job as an Assistant Year Head (AYH) mainly involves managing the overall welfare and discipline of the students in my level together with my team of Form teachers. As a member of the Student Development team, we also work closely with our students’ parents, the Alumnae Association, and other partners of the school in developing and implementing Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) programmes for our students.

In addition to being an AYH, I am also a Music Elective Programme (MEP) teacher. Being a music educator, I am responsible for nurturing and helping my students develop their passion for music through the sharing of my own passion and experiences.

How I got my job

I had to undergo a panel interview with experienced educators, and the trickiest part of the selection process was convincing the interviewers about my interest for teaching when I had no prior experience. I think my passion for wanting to share my musical experiences with my students clinched the job for me.

The highs and lows

What I like most about teaching is that there is never a same day, and that there is always something new to look forward to every day. That said, this also makes teaching a challenging profession because there is never a fixed approach in dealing with matters, particularly when you are dealing with students. However, the rewarding experience so far keeps me motivated, especially when I see my students grow up as musicians and individuals over the years.

My happiest moment at work

Last year, I was tasked to organise the orientation camp for the new cohort of Secondary One students. It was a special experience for me because the student leaders whom I worked with to organise the camp were my first batch of Secondary One students when I was first appointed as an AYH. We had come a full circle, and it was very heartening for me to see how they had developed into exceptional leaders over the four years.

Training and support

There are mandatory professional development courses that young teachers have to attend during their first few years. This is followed by various other courses that we can sign up for to keep ourselves relevant. Our school also has a buddy and mentor system to ensure that all teachers are given the help and support they need.

Work-life balance

I am able to achieve work-life balance because of the help and support of my colleagues. The culture of sharing and collaboration in my school, as well as the appreciation that my school leaders show for our efforts and contribution make the school environment very positive.

Some advice

Teaching is not an easy job, and it comes with its fair share of difficulties and challenges. However, if you want to make a difference in the lives of the younger generation, then it will be a fulfilling profession for you.