Job Description

You manage a team of logistics and finance staff to ensure effective and efficient logistics and finance support for the training school. On this, you formulate and review logistics and finance policies, as well as plan and conduct logistics training for the staff and instructors in the unit. You also oversee the management of the annual budget and ensure prudent usage of funds. Additionally, you ensure that training equipment, accommodations and training areas are readily available and adequate to meet the training requirements of the unit. Your challenge lies in projecting and forecasting the logistics support requirements for all training and exercises, managing the diverse stakeholders to work together as an effective and efficient support team, as well as developing best practices to reduce expenditure and achieve good cost efficiency.


You must have a tertiary qualification, preferably in logistics management, with at least 3 years' work experience in logistics. Possession of good interpersonal, communication and writing skills, as well as proficiency in computer applications such as Microsoft Office, is required.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.