Job Description

You provide subject matter expertise in the area of resistance training and Physical Training (PT) development in the Army. You are required to develop a comprehensive understanding of the muscular fitness requirements of the soldiers in relation to their combat tasks, and prescribe appropriate strength and conditioning programmes. You also assist to identify gaps in the current PT system with regards to strength and conditioning, as well as develop curriculum and implementation plans that promote the proper integration of soldiers systems and ergonomics of equipment usage for soldiers. Your challenge lies in having a thorough understanding of the Army's direction in terms of the future roles that the combat soldiers is expected to play, and setting the direction for the PT development accordingly.


You must have a tertiary qualification in sports science, biomechanics/bioengineering, human factor engineering or a related field, with a passion for sports. Possession of strong interpersonal and communication skills is essential.

(Candidates with no experience may apply.)

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.