Ministry of Defence (MINDEF)

Public Sector

DXO. Defence Executive Officer.

As a non-uniformed defence professional, you will work alongside other DXOs and military personnel who share the same passion for defence, each armed with capabilities from a diverse line-up of disciplines. With your unique expertise, you will contribute to the security of our nation in ways that no one else can.

Come discover a different line of defence. Be a DXO.

Here are some areas you can explore as a DXO:

Corporate Governance & Management:

Human Resource, Data Analytics and Visualisation, Finance, Corporate Services & Organisation Development, Internal Audit, Legal

Defence Policy & Communications

Defence Psychology & Allied Health:

Defence Psychology, Paramedical, Counselling

Defence Technology:

Technology Development, Future Systems Development, C4/ Information Technology



Training and Safety:

Doctrine and Plans Development, Training, Safety & Systems Review