As MSB Test Process Engineering Manager, you will be responsible for leading and managing the operation of Process Engineering section comprising of a team of engineers and technicians, working together with other functional groups locally and/or globally to accomplish Departmental and organizational objectives by ensuring the process is in control and quality/reliability of product meets expectation; sustaining and improving yield through continuous yield improvement activities / projects; reducing cost through continuous cost reduction effort; ensuring effective and efficient risk management strategy; defining, developing and establishing process capabilities, strategy and roadmap; developing new capabilities ahead of needs, sustaining and executing to the relevant Business Processes that support the overall Quality Management System.


Ensure Quality of Process and Product through establishing strategy/program to drive continuous improvement projects (Operational aspect)

  • Manage, engage in, and promote continuous yield and quality improvement efforts
  • Manage and support new product startup.
  • Develop short and long term plans to effectively to meet departmental goals.
  • Manage execution of engineering and/or cross-functional projects to ensure operational objectives are met.
  • Pursue continuous improvement and develop new solutions to meet Microns business needs.
  • Drive/Manage Audit activities
  • Ensure team members are properly trained according to department compliance and work requirements
  • Identify and implement system and process improvements
  • Develop, communicate, and monitor performance metrics

Manage Area Personnel and Programs (Managerial aspect)

  • Provide communication regarding job expectations and changes
  • Coach and provide career development
  • Establish goals and monitor performance achievement
  • Manage employee performance and resolve conflict
  • Provide recognition
  • Motivate and inspire direct reports to facilitate meeting of both individual and organizational objectives.
  • Participate in development of management policies for Equipment and Process Engineering department.
  • Nurture open communication and contribute to maintaining a positive work environment.
  • Provide leadership in problem solving and decision making.
  • Provide leadership in technical and operational areas.
  • Manage team staffing and succession
  • Provide line of sight to strategic objectives
  • Promote partnership across functional areas and customer groups
  • Create an environment of motivation to foster team member engagement to the fullest of their potential.
  • Ensure that department learning and development opportunities are identified and fulfilled.
  • Develop and promote technical expertise in the group by ensuring relevant technical training, and supporting attendance to technical conferences.
  • Develop a succession management strategy and periodically conduct talent reviews within department.


  • Possesses a Bachelor Degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • Possesses good analytical & problem solving skills
  • Possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Candidates with a strong understanding of backend test manufacturing process has an added advantage