• As a Manufacturing Central Team Quality Engineer at Micron Technology, Inc., you will be a member of the worldwide Quality Team responsible for QDRs, reducing variation and deviations for all Micron Fabs.
  • Specific to your role as Data Specialist, your work will encompass the responsibilities of an architect, a designer and a developer/administrator. You need to have an in-depth understanding of database and structure and use those skills and knowledge to maintain their stability and reliability.
  • You will work with SMEs to identify their needs and to design and implement reporting dashboard and data structure to meet their requirements for quality improvement; your work will also extend to recommend improvements to meet the demands of swiftly changing interface technology; you will also be in charge of performing backups procedures to protect the data.


  • A Computer Science degree or related disciplines.
  • A solid and wide-reaching foundation in programming and database structures is required. (SQL, Perl, C++, PHP)
  • A good knowledge of Tableau or related software that able to present data in a meaningful manner to enable SMEs to perform analysis.
  • In addition to possessing technical know-how and being communication savvy, data specialists must also be creative problem solvers