BackEnd Central Quality Engineer

Responsibilities and Tasks

Maintain Data Collection Tools and Software
   -Facilitate quality excursions and drive resolution
   -Lead MRB meeting
   -Ensure proper containment and disposition of materials
   -Collaborate with Back End (BE) operations and engineering groups to identify root cause and corrective actions
   -Drive effectiveness metrics (e.g., 8D Score)

Develop Metrics and Data Analysis Tools to Measure/Monitor Package Quality
   -Develop scripts to collect, analyze and format data
   -Monitor excursions and Returned Material Authorization (RMA)
   -Identify additional metrics that need to be monitored
   -Publish data

Assist Package Reliability Engineers by Collecting and Analyzing Data, and Developing Analysis Tools
   -Consult with internal customers to understand needs
   -Develop tools for extracting and formatting data
   -Extract, organize, and analyze data for internal customers
   -Analyze and report data

Collaborate with BE Operations and network on Continuous Improvement Activities
   -Prepare and publish quality metric data
   -Facilitate and host meetings
   -Document and publish data and meeting minutes
   -Communicate with appropriate BE Operations and network
   -Monitor progress on action items

Provide Technical Expertise to Internal Customers for Data Collection and Analysis Tools
   -Collect, monitor and report data
   -Define and develop tools and methods for data extraction, formatting and reporting
   -Maintain data repository and tools
   -Provide support and consultation with internal customers
   -Support data collection for department and group goals
   -Manage cross-functional team independently
   -Provide guidance and coach engineers in solving complex quality issues



  • Bachelor's/Master's Degree in Engineering
  • Highly motivated individuals are encouraged to apply
  • Good interpersonal skills and able to work in teams
  • Good analytical, statistical and problem-solving skills
  • Experience/knowledge in Component Assembly and Test Processes will be highly advantageous

Develop Metrics and Data Analysis Tools to Measure/Monitor Package Quality