The Facilities Engineering Chemical and Gas Engineer provides engineering for planning, design, and operations & maintenance support of the following systems site wide:

        1.  Ultrapure Chemical and Slurry Delivery Systems

        2.  Specialty and Cryogenic Gas Delivery Systems


  • Include good design practice for state-of-the-art system designs, system capacity and capability analysis, planning for future requirements, and code compliance.
  • Work in a team effort with other engineering, operations, maintenance, and construction disciplines to provide detailed designs and specifications for the installation of new capital equipment and systems. 
  • Initiate, coordinate and supervise for new  projects
  • Maintain engineering capacity and load data for assigned systems/areas.
  • Provide supervision/coordination of outside consultant resources, and evaluate performance of actual engineering.
  • Provide support for cost estimates and analysis of proposed projects.
  • Provide support for start up of new equipment, and ensure that all equipment will properly interface to other mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Responsible for maintaining various administrative and engineering data bases in support of job tracking, engineering data, capital equipment facilitation, and critical system loads and capacities. 
  • Specify critical components for design projects and is responsible for assuring designs meet all applicable codes and regulations.  This requires continual review and analysis of new and existing, equipment, applications, and technology. 
  • Provide code review and analysis utilizing (but not limited to): IFC, IBC, NEC, NFPA, FM, CGA and Semi standards.
  • Perform research and development on emerging facilities technologies to support cutting edge semiconductor processes.
  • Participate in mid to long term infrastructure planning for facilities in support of the overall company plan.
  • Work with in-house TGCM contractor and ensure chemical and Gas Delivery system running smoothly.
  • Review and improve Operation and Maintenance SOP and RA..
  • Respond to system issues. Perform Trouble Shooting with contactors.
  • Be aware of and perform all work in accordance with company safety guidelines.
  • Engineer safety into all designs.
  • Good communication must be maintained within the Chemical Engineering organization, with other engineering disciplines, and with all customers throughout the organization..


  • Bachelors’ degree in chemical engineering or related discipline or equivalent experience is preferred.
  • Good team and self motivated worker 
  • Fluent computer skills including word processing, spreadsheet, database
  • Ability to multiple tasks concurrently, prioritize and schedule workload
  • Familiar with semiconductor manufacturing and facility systems
  • Good organizational skills & service attitude
  • Excellent communication skills