Truong Hai Yen (Alex)

Truong Hai Yen (Alex)

Executive, Investment & Asset Management, South East Asia

My job

My typical day involves monitoring market information of both real estate and macroeconomics of the countries we are covering. This provides the team with market insights for ongoing and future investment decisions. I also assist in running investment models to evaluate new assets and the asset management of existing portfolio.

How I got my job

As a new graduate, I aspired to start my career in Mapletree because the company is one of the leading players in the real estate industry. Prior to graduation, I searched for possible opportunities on the company's website and found out about Mapletree Associate Programme (MAP). I felt that it was aligned with my career plan so I sent in my application. After two rounds of interviews, I received an offer to join the company.

In general, all the interviews had 'tough' moments, but it is possible for you to do well at them with some know-how. Besides being sure of your objectives, experience, and skills, it is equally important to convey your enthusiasm and job-fit to the position. Also, be prepared to answer technical and market-related questions, and be brave to take a stand as long as you have a valid rationale. I think what set me apart is my genuine interest in the job and my willingto- learn attitude.

The highs and lows

I am motivated by the opportunity to engage in the whole process of investment, from uncovering attractive investments based on our market intelligence and feasibility study, to negotiating and successfully acquiring a value-added asset for the company. The satisfaction is highly rewarding especially after you have put in much hard work.

On the other hand, you need to be prepared for the busy work schedule and long hours during active deal period. That said, I feel that we should all have to work hard in order to see the rewards! For this reason, my greatest achievement is our company's successful acquisition of our biggest asset in Vietnam so far. It is truly a milestone accomplishment in return for our many months of hard work.

Some advice

Before starting on a job, make sure your values are aligned with a company/ organisation's mission. Write down your purpose of joining the company and when the going gets tough, the note will help to drive you forward.