Joel Lim

Deputy Project Manager

My company and job

I have been a member of the Depot Equipment Project team since joining the LTA family in 2011. Depot Equipment comprises of a wide variety of maintenance and overhaul equipment and engineering vehicles that are critical to the day-to-day operations of our trains and buses. As a Deputy Project Manager of the team, I am responsible for the overall execution and planning of these Depot Equipment projects, and delivering these equipment and vehicles to our depots in the most cost-effective and timely manner. As the equipment we procure are very specialised and often supplied by overseas suppliers, it is also my responsibility to ensure that the engineering design of these equipment and vehicles are compatible for their intended purpose and are tailor-made to suit the working conditions in Singapore.

How I got my job

The LTA selection/recruitment process is rigorous with several rounds of interviews. Every interview requires detailed preparation. The trickiest part of the interview was probably where I had to explain and prove how I am able to contribute to the company and be a good fit. I would think that the key traits to display during the interview would be your honesty, sincerity and passion for the job, which I believe was how I landed the job.

One memorable episode

A memorable episode happened during the overseas factory testing of the Multi-function Vehicle (MFV). The MFV is a sophisticated vehicle that uses lasers, ultrasonic technology and high-definition cameras to conduct inspections and measurements of the track. As we were about to conduct our last series of test runs, the locking mechanism of the ultrasonic system failed and the system suffered significant damage.

As the project completion target was approaching in less than three months, we raced against time to investigate, replace the damage components and deliver the vehicle to Singapore for testing. The team had worked day and night, including over weekends. Eventually, we got the vehicle to run successfully on schedule, while also implementing additional safety features to prevent the failure from happening again.

This incident was memorable as different parties from LTA as well as the suppliers had to work together on a common objective of recovering lost time and more importantly, to have a system that is safer and better than the original.

Some advice

My advice to all aspiring engineers is to continually seek to expand your engineering knowledge as technology advances, and to accept the challenge of applying new knowledge into practice to enhance the operability and maintainability of LTA’s assets.