Ang Hui Loon

Senior Associate, Digital Trust

Hui Loon graduated with a Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science) with Honours (Merit) from the National University of Singapore.

As an IT auditor, it is crucial that we have meticulous attention to details, to ensure that our work is thorough and complete.
I usually wake up at this time to prepare for work. I take about 45 minutes to commute to work by train. As the morning commute can be chaotic due to the peak hour rush, I read books on my Kindle to calm myself down to prepare for the day ahead.
I usually reach the office around 8:45AM and look for a seat around the hotdesking area. While having my breakfast at my desk, I look through my emails and calendar to line up my tasks and meetings for the day.
To start my day, I follow-up with my clients via phone calls or emails for outstanding documents. After that, I inspect evidences provided by my clients and update my working papers accordingly. As an IT auditor, it is crucial that we have meticulous attention to details, to ensure that our work is thorough and complete. Another vital skill an IT auditor should possess is strong people skills. Not only do we work closely with our colleagues, we need to have the ability to deal with all types of clients. From my two-year stint as an IT auditor, most of my client experiences have been pleasant. However, there are also rare occasions of difficult clients, hence interpersonal skills enable us to communicate and interact more efficiently during our course of work.
During my lunch break, I catch up with colleagues or meet up with friends who are also working around the area. There are many food options around, from hawker centres to shopping malls. Sometimes if the food places are too crowded, we will take away our orders and enjoy our food in the comfort of our newly renovated office pantry.
After a breather at lunch, it is time to head back to work. As we work with different teams on multiple engagements concurrently, we schedule frequent meetings for status updates with respective engagement teams. This ensures progress, helping us to keep deliverables on track and meet timelines. In the event that delays are expected, we will voice out our concerns to the managers during the status meeting and reallocate the work assignment among the team to ensure deadlines are attainable.
As a senior, I need to provide guidance to my engagement juniors and review their work. Whenever they are facing obstacles, they will approach me for help and we work on the challenges together.
To keep myself healthy, I try to make time to go for a workout at least twice or thrice a week. The running route around Marina Bay Sands area is popular among the avid joggers working in the CBD area. The scenic view of Singapore’s skyline around the Marina Bay reservoir helps to clear my mind and reorganise my thoughts after a long day at work. After working out, I will head back to the office to freshen up and do a last check of my email before calling it a day.