The financial services landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace of change and KPMG is at the heart of this change. 

Imagine if you could build a blockchain wallet for an airline,  implement artificial intelligence into an insurer, participate in the world’s largest fintech conference, create new ecosystem business models and work with some of the world’s largest banks and insurers. At KPMG, you don’t need to imagine. You will work across a broad range of financial institutions, including central banks, insurers, investment banks, retail/commercial banks, stock exchanges. You will be at the forefront of financial innovation and transformation.

If you are a talented and driven individual, with a ‘can-do mind’ and of course possess a real passion for finance, innovation and consulting, then KPMG is the right place for you. Whatever aspirations you have, at KPMG we provide you with real opportunities to fully realise your potential and build your soft and hard skills to enable you to become leaders of the future.

So stop imagining and join the team!

The ideal candidate should:

  • Strong functional knowledge, including but not limited to financial principles, strategy, project management, marketing and sales, etc. 
  • Collaborate with clients to identify current pain points/potential growth opportunities to close the gap between current state and future state operations (e.g. create new products or services, define new business models, re-design current processes etc.)
  • Learn quickly to identify, assess and solve complex business issues where in-depth analysis of situations and issues is required.
  • Keep up-to-date with technology trends in the financial services industry and bring any learnings to the table as to drive the successful adoption of innovative solutions for clients.
  • Ability to work across KPMG and our clients at different levels in the organisation and with people from different cultures. KPMG is a globally minded organisation. 
  • Robust analytical capabilities and quantitative problem-solving skills, e.g. support market research analysis into customer and user immersion to better understand the as-is process and identify key pain points and unmet needs.
  • Participate in our reversed mentoring scheme with our partnership group and to actively engage in the broader KPMG culture and spirit.