JTC Corporation

Civil and Structural Engineering Construction and Building Services


We drive the progress of manufacturing in a city-state.

Manufacturing is advancing. And Singapore is leading the charge. From industrial estates to business parks, our vast network of developments form the backbone of Singapore's thriving manufacturing landscape.

With Industry 4.0, digitalisation and automation are set to transform manufacturing as we know it. To support Singapore's advanced manufacturing ambitions, JTC is developing green and smart developments that point the way forward for Singapore's economy.

At JTC, we believe that opportunities are boundless, catering to every aspiring fresh graduate, regardless of their discipline. Whether you hold a passion for business, real estate, engineering architecture, or any other field, our diverse range of opportunities welcomes talents from all walks of life.

You will find a nurturing environment that encourages innovation, creativity and collaboration, allowing you to unlock your full potential and make a meaningful difference in the world.

Step into a world of limitless possibilities, where your unique skills and fresh perspectives will shape the future of industrial development and beyond.