Jones Lang LaSalle

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Required Level of Study
Bachelor degree
Areas of Work
Accountancy and Financial Management
Banking and Financial Services
Degrees Accepted
F Finance, Accounting, Economics & Business Administration
Accounting, commerce & finance
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Finance Executive

Duties and responsibilities:

The key responsibilities include:

  • To update Building Rent Roll and tenant record as and when notification is received of a change of ownership or corresponding address.

  • To answer tenants’ queries on statements of accounts or invoices, etc.

  • To maintain full set of accounts for SIA Building which includes billings, payments functions and keeping proper accounting records.

  • To manage and maintain the process and records pertaining to the issuance of season parking disc/labels or facilities passes to tenants.

  • To prepare invoices to send to owners by 1st of each month and reminders by 5th or within the billing deadlines as advised by the MRI team.

  • Update the debtor records regularly upon receipts of monies from subsidiary proprietors/tenants. 

  • To maintain cash book to take into account all receipts and payments make out from the trust accounts and produce bank reconciliation every month.

  • To bank-in cheques/cash received at least once a week.

  • To make payments to suppliers within the credit terms given or as requested by the clients.

  • To make appropriate accruals and provisions every month in accordance with the relevant accounting standards.

  • To manage and maintain petty cash in accordance.

  • To prepare the income and expenditure statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement

  • To keep proper records of notes to the account of all balance sheet items including deposits, prepayments, accruals, creditors, recoverables and provisions.

  • To prepare tax schedules for income tax reporting and GST reporting and submit GST returns before the stipulated deadlines set by IRAS.

  • To liaise with auditors to arrange for the year end audit.

  • To participate and ensure that our services and activities are in compliance with the JLL’s OMS procedure and standards.

  • Any other duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor.

  • To assist the immediate superior in providing administrative support to the site and to deal with the clients requests/enquiries.

  • To maintain a record of incoming / outgoing mails.

  • To maintain information and accurate records and ensuring regular updates.

  • To maintain a record of movement of the keys.

  • To provide administrative support to Site Management Team, such as calls, typing and filing, etc.

  • To maintain a record of clients’ complaints for action by immediate superior in accordance with the JLL’s Operations Management System.

  • To organize/co-ordinate meetings and events as required.

  • To take minutes &/or notes (when required to do so) with clarity & accuracy.

  • Monitor the stocks, material, tools under his charged and submit requisition when the inventory level run low.

  • To keep track and maintain items necessary for the smooth functioning of the management office such as stamps, stationery, refreshments.

  • To develop and implement improvement ideas for the office/information for which they are responsible.

  • To identify areas where new office technologies can enhance procedures.

  • To maintain leave records of site staff.

  • Assist the team in typing and preparing of reports.

  • To maintain and update the records of fixed asset and provide for depreciation in the monthly financial statements in accordance with OMS-FC-06.

  • To maintain a record of incoming / outgoing mails.

  • To maintain a record of clients’ complaints for action by immediate superior

  • To maintain a record of movement of the keys.

  • Any other duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor.


Key Competencies & Performance Measures:

  • Ability to work under pressure and against timelines

  • Proactive and solution oriented, friendly with assertive and personable nature

  • Demonstrate initiative and able to work independently

  • Experience in using Microsoft Excel and Word

  • Decorous telephone etiquette

  • Successful completion of scheduled activities;

  • Achieve KPI and SLA targets;

  • Achieve target deliverables for business plans, monthly reports and budgets;

  • Attain best value for money outcomes on service contracts and facilities cost services;

  • Ensure that a high level of professionalism and customer service are maintained at all times;

  • Ability to work under pressure and meet set timelines;

  • Client and tenants customer satisfaction;

  • Meet Standards and audit requirements.