SMA Webinar by Income

Sales Management Associate | Webinar 

Get a head start with our salaried Sales Management Associate (SMA) programme.

A programme unlike any other

Our SMA programme is a unique, accelerated and structured pathway for you to be a successful Sales Leader or Specialist within Income’s distribution channels.

  • Accelerate your knowledge and skills to become an effective sales professional.
  • Learn more about the business processes of insurance and recruitment through job appreciation opportunities.
  • Get direct access and exclusive mentorship from the management team.
  • Earn as you learn. Receive a salary when you are on our SMA programme, even while you study for licensing exams. 

Develop a fulfilling career with us

The SMA programme exposes you to many opportunities within Income's sales channels. Depending on your interest, aptitude and strengths, you can further develop your career along a specialist or management track. Choose one that best suits your talents and aspirations.

Ready to embark on an exciting career? Applications for the Sales Management Associate Programme are now open!