Wong Kee Hang

Actuarial Life Pricing Intern

Wong Kee Hang enjoyed his internship with opportunities to participate in challenging projects.

"My happiest moment was when I successfully designed and implemented a project that helped the team make significant time savings."

My company and my internship

Before the internship, I thought that my main role is to help the pricing team launch a new product. However, I realised it was so much than just that after starting out. On a day-to-day basis, there would be Business as Usual (BAU) activities. Additionally, there were many ongoing projects where I had the opportunity to take part in. With these projects aimed at tackling existing problems and discussions were held at a fast pace.

How I got my internship

I applied through Income’s job portal and underwent an interview with the hiring manager. I think having prior internship experience was a bonus. Most importantly, having the curiosity and hunger to learn was key to getting the internship.

The highs and lows

Income is not just about BAU – there are other initiatives as well. At times, this can be stressful with deadlines, meetings, and sprint sessions to discuss improvements on the processes all at the same time.

One benefit of the internship, on the other hand, is that I am presented with the opportunities to participate in challenging projects. There is no hierarchy – the “no boss” concept enables everyone to be free to make their own contributions. This is one of my key learning points from Income.

My happiest moment at work

I think my happiest moment came when I successfully designed and implemented a project that helped the team make significant time savings. I felt as though I made a positive impact as there was a product that would last even after my internship. The objective of the project was to automate the manual process of handling certain customers’ post-sales illustration queries that were being escalated to Actuarial Team. This reduces the touch time of our team and lets us focus more on other more meaningful duties.

Training and support

From the first day, a buddy was assigned to coach me with work and also provide any support if needed. Human Resource (HR) also organised various workshops for all the interns, which provided exposure on different specialisations.

There was also an interesting two-day case competition where we were taught design thinking methods, applying those methods to the case. 

Culture and Environment

Income has a very bright and colourful office, which is very well designed with communal spaces that promote communication and collaboration. The staff in Income are very friendly and approachable, and always very willing to help. The Appointed Actuary in the Actuarial Department is constantly challenging us to improve ourselves in big ways.

Some advice

I think it is important to just be yourself.  There’s no point trying to put up a false front and act like someone you are not just for the sake of getting a job. If you do get the role, enjoy yourself during the internship and learn as much as you can.

Remember not to be afraid to speak up and ask questions!