Shaun Au Yong

Executive, E-commerce, Strategic Marketing

Shaun graduated with a Bachelor of Business Management (Marketing and Analytics) from the Singapore Management University in 2018.

"It is an analyst’s dream to constantly churn out insights, but the insights would be of no value without usage from stakeholders."
Walking up much earlier than required has always been my routine as it allows me to make myself a cup of coffee and relax a little bit. It’s my ‘me time’ before I head off to work with an audio book playing.
When I reach the office, I would start work immediately by creating a task list on the things that I have to do for the day. I do this before clearing my emails and checking my calendar. This is when I set a game plan for myself and, sometimes, others too. I would usually strike off things that are on my mind as I commute to work.
I would start working on the tasks at hand if there are no meetings. For example, on certain days, I create dashboards for our online sales to allow team members to track how much more to push. Such dashboards also allows them to test new campaign mechanics on the fly and see real-time feedback based on sales.
A critical part of my job would be to support the Product Marketing team. I usually drop in on them during this time to get their thoughts on outstanding projects and also understand how I can better value-add. It is an analyst’s dream to constantly churn out insights, but the insights would be of no value without usage from stakeholders.
Lunch is always a great excuse to stretch our legs. Besides, the location of our office being in Bras Basah is awesome as there are a range of malls surrounding us.
After lunch, it is usually time for meetings–where we would discuss an interesting project that we have been doing would be to find better ways to re-market to customers who have a high propensity to purchase. Even with re-marketing, we are still constantly looking out for new solutions on how to optimise this and automate this process.
As a Graduate Trainee, we get to do cool projects such as FutureX Staycase, a case competition held in a staycation format, at M Social Singapore. In the afternoons, I would usually devote some time to work on this project, be it selecting furnishings or working on a gantt chart of the event itself.
My day ends at around 7pm, where I would wrap up by sending emails and checking off items in my to-do list. To be really honest, my day is extremely varied as our company and team are constantly evolving and trying new things. It is my first year of my first job, and I am working on a data piece in the e-commerce team. My role is to find new and exciting ways to push towards a data-driven and data-inspired environment, from conceptualisation to activation. There is not a dull day in the office as no two days are exactly the same. While no job is perfect, we have to understand that it comes in a package.