Olivia Lee

Olivia Lee

Brand Marketing, Assistant Manager
Olivia graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Honours) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Getting started

As a fresh graduate, I jumped at the chance to join a Graduate Trainee Programme as it provided an excellent opportunity to be exposed to different job functions within an organisation. Through a mentorship programme, I also interacted regularly with members of the organisation’s Senior Management.

After completing a 12-month rotation programme in 2011, I took on a permanent role in Brand Marketing. As someone who had always been intrigued by successful advertising campaigns, I was fascinated to learn how a campaign was done, from the conceptualisation stage to its launch. Being part of this process was exhilarating, and I continue to feel the excitement today.

My company and my job

My role in Brand Marketing involves the development of new initiatives and cut-through campaigns to increase consumers’ awareness of NTUC Income and its initiatives. As an Assistant Manager, I lead my team to strengthen NTUC Income’s brand reputation by sharing how the organisation is “Made Different”.

How I got my job

Being confident, collaborative and contributing actively to discussions – I believe these attributes enabled me to stand out during the group case assessment session.

The highs and lows

For me, there’s no greater fulfillment than turning creative ideas to life and knowing that they have achieved their intended objectives! One of the lows is coping with and managing sudden changes of plans. It’s tiring and disruptive but in this job, one has to take it in stride.

My happiest moment was when one of the first integrated campaigns entrusted to me came to fruition last year. It was challenging to manage moving parts of the project, working across teams and pushing boundaries of what was done before. Witnessing the positive impact of the campaign and being able to share the success with colleagues gave me great satisfaction.

Training and support

Starting my career as a Graduate Trainee gave me the opportunity to be mentored by members of the Senior Management. This was something I found valuable, as my mentors gave me insightful perspectives. I am thankful that although they are people with busy schedules, they have remained accessible whenever I reach out to them.