Employer Insights

A lot has been said about enhancing diversity in a company by hiring more “diverse” candidates. The idea is to tap on a pool of talent from different backgrounds and world-views, who can value-add to the business through creativity, ideas and innovation. Diverse perspectives can also offer more holistic insights to customers’ needs and motivations and potentially make the company more effective and consequently, more successful.
For many fresh graduates in Singapore, finding their first job is important. After all, the right first job can help jump-start your career by giving you access to the knowledge, skills and experience needed to achieve long-term professional success. However, finding the right job can be challenging for fresh graduates in Singapore, especially as a fresh grad in today’s economy. But even with these job market challenges, it’s still possible to find an opportunity that provides personal and professional growth—with Income.
Through Income’s Internship Programme, you will go through a holistic learning experience via on the job training, workshops and more. The 12-week stint with Income is packed with learning and team engagement opportunities – from induction sessions, career workshops, career development forums to a series of engagement and bonding sessions.
Let’s take a quick peek into Income’s latest office at Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) that was unveiled in 2019. The modern, two-storey space aims to foster a collaborative, agile and innovative working culture at Income.